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Heyo, Nik here with our latest book summaries!

We also just released two new freebies for you: Full lists of Brené Brown’s books and Simon Sinek’s books.

Brown is the world’s premier researcher on shame and vulnerability, and her work will make you feel comfortable in your own skin while also improving your relationships. Find an overview of her books here.

Sinek is a beacon of optimism in the world of business and leadership, most famous for his TED talk explaining why you should always communicate your why first. You can learn more about his books here.

Alright, let’s get into this week’s new titles!

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

How do caffeine and alcohol affect sleep? What really happens during REM sleep? Why do our sleep patterns change? How do common sleep aids affect us and can they do long-term damage?

In this enlightening read, Walker compiles decades of research into the few key scientific breakthroughs you need to know about, teaching you everything you need to know about sleep and how to improve the third of your life that you spend in the land of dreams.


If you want to sleep better, watch this video.





The Courage To Be Happy by Ichiro Kishimi

1-Sentence-SummaryThe Courage to Be Happy offers a hands-on guide to effective parenting by compiling the groundbreaking theories of psychologist Alfred Adler with other valuable research into an all-in-one book for raising happy and fulfilled people.

Top 3 Lessons:

  1. Avoid the helicopter parenting style and learn to raise a self-reliant person.
  2. Praise can do more harm than good, and so does scolding.
  3. Growing up, children need to feel equal and receive warmth from adults.

If you want to raise a happy child or become happier yourself, this book is for you.

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Killing The Mob by Bill O’Reilly

1-Sentence-SummaryKilling the Mob discusses a controversial topic – the mob, by outlining how the organized crime took place in America during the twentieth century, how conmen, robbers, murderers, and many others lived their lives, and how many organizations and rich families kept their power centralized.

Top 3 Lessons:

  1. The mafia was engaged in anything that could make them money.
  2. John Edgar Hoover was, in fact, fighting two battles.
  3. The passion for law helped an ordinary officer to uncover the American mafia.

If you want to know more about the mafia, this book is for you.

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More Money Than God by Sebastian Mallaby

1-Sentence-SummaryMore Money Than God teaches us about the ins and outs of hedge funds, how those managing money makes a profit, and how you can learn from them and apply their techniques to your money management strategy.

Top 3 Lessons:

  1. Hedge funds capitalize on well-known market movers, such as investors’ psychology or bad news for a company.
  2. Hedge funds seniors experimented with various strategies before hedge funds operated like they do today.
  3. Hedge funds aren’t as dangerous for the economy as we were taught to believe – banks are.

If you want to know how hedge funds work, this book is for you.

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That’s it for today. Before I go, a question:

Do you like the kind of book lists like I shared at the top of this email? Hit reply and let me know! Which authors would you like to see?

We plan on doing more of them, and I hope they’ll help you find even more new, interesting books to read.

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