FS Brain Food Newsletter

FS | BRAIN FOOD No. 496 — October 30th, 2022 — Read on FS Brain Food is a weekly newsletter with the insights you need. FS Reversible and Irreversible Decisions: Reversible decisions are doors that open both ways. Irreversible decisions are doors that allow passage in only one direction; if you walk through, you are stuck... Continue Reading →

WOTD (A toastmaster habit) and QOTD

Word of the Day diffident   Example   For Indo-Trinidadians, learning Standard Hindi is as good as learning an alien language. In fact, most of those who have learnt Standard Hindi become diffident, and even apologetic, when they have to use that language in interacting with Indian nationals. -- Jayaram, “The Indian Diaspora: Dynamics of... Continue Reading →


Word of the Day enunciate   Example Vast numbers of people even in the media front line can't enunciate words properly. Definition verb express or state clearly Synonyms:  articulate, vocalise, vocalize speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way Synonyms:  articulate, enounce, pronounce, say, sound out "Can the child sound out this complicated word?" "I... Continue Reading →


Word of the Day nondescript Example The book launch, in a non-descript hotel in downtown Lima, Italy attracted several hundred supporters. Definition adjective lacking distinct or individual characteristics; dull and uninterestingSynonyms:  characterless"a nondescript novel""women dressed in nondescript clothes" noun a person is not easily classified and not very interesting Quote of the Day “Health is... Continue Reading →

Gateway Arch – Finland

Did you know... ... that today is the birthday of the Gateway Arch? In 1965, three years after construction began, the Gateway Arch was completed in St. Louis, Missouri. The arch, which is this nation's tallest monument, is as tall as it is wide. Designed by Finnish-born architect Eero Saarinen, it was erected to commemorate... Continue Reading →

Handy, cheap and willing – by Seth Godin – via his newsletter

[ https://p.feedblitz.com/r3.asp?l=192551676&f=1081591&c=8842282&u=5102652 %5D The industrial age prized these three attributes. We've all been indoctrinated into adopting them through our time in organized schooling, and it's easy to imagine that the world still wants this. When work is geographically bounded and the assembly line is the dynamic of efficiency, this is precisely what's sought. Your resume certifies... Continue Reading →

Book Summary Newsletter

Heyo, Nik here with your free summary of the day. If you enjoy these, check out our reading guide. It'll help you learn and remember more from everything you read. Happy reading! Want to get just one weekly summary roundup? Switch to weekly. ​ 1-Sentence-Summary: The Sovereign Individual jumps into the future and presents a new world where life moves... Continue Reading →

Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases.

Press Information Bureau Government of India Dear Dhananjaya Parkhe This email has been sent by PIB on your request to subscribe PIB releases. Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases. •PM addresses on the occasion of expansion of ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India Hazira plant •Tree plantation for Special Campaign 2.0 at DST campus targets swachhata goals like prevention of... Continue Reading →

James Clear Newsletter

“The most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.” 3-2-1: Busyness, what makes us happy, and going a little overboard read on JAMESCLEAR.COM | OCTOBER 27, 2022 Happy 3-2-1 Thursday! Here are 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question to consider this week. ​ ​ 3 Ideas From Me I. "The observant person finds many teachers."... Continue Reading →

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